Sheriff's Office
Monroe County Detention Facility

700 N. Meridian St.
Aberdeen, Mississippi

Cell: 662-315-2454
Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell believes in strict but fair law enforcement.  The Sheriff's Department is actively pursuing violators of drug laws as well as all other applicable laws and regulations.

All elderly citizens of Monroe County are encouraged to contact the department and place their names on the elderly call list. Telephone numbers so listed are called daily to confirm that the residents are safe and okay.

The sheriff's department participates in food drives and toy drives (at Christmas). 

Smoke detectors are available free for the asking, as long as supplies last.  Call the department at  662-369-2468.
Homeland Security Investigations
- Victim Notification Program -
provided by
U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement

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700 N. Meridian St.
P.O. Box 683
Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730
Emergencies - Dial 911
Other Business - Dial 662-369-2468



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